Soliton InfoTrace

Identify when computers are behaving abnormally!

Can HR prove what really happens on each PC?

Is someone else logging into an employee’s computer when they’re absent? Are employees logging in at odd times or downloading company files to USB drives? Do employees fail to log into the computer to work at all?

Provide HR with information to enforce computer use policies.

Employees may appear to work diligently behind their computers when, in reality, they are surfing the web, watching videos, shopping or even worse, accessing risky, malware-infected sites such as gaming, gambling or adult websites.

Misuse of company computers and network resources can sap productivity and invite bad behavior, create a hostile work environment, expose the company to security threats and jeopardize compliance efforts – as well as land a company in legal hot water.

InfoTrace is an important service to the Human Relations department that provides a practical, timely and cost-effective way to monitor computer and internet activity.

  • Stay informed with easy-to-digest reports

    InfoTrace Endpoint Monitoring provides the HR department with high-level monthly reports on computer and internet behavior as well as anomalous or non-compliant behavior. See something suspicious? Optional, in-depth log analysis reports can provide the details needed to support HR action.

  • Free up HR time

    Busy HR professionals need to focus on what they do best. The InfoTrace Endpoint Monitoring Service provides the clarity you need to take corrective action without violating the privacy of employees. No new software to learn, no time-consuming burden of monitoring and managing a barrage of status alerts.

  • Eliminate internal conflict and compromise

    Internal investigations aim to uncover the truth about anomalous endpoint activity, but what if the misbehaving endpoint belongs to the IT department? As an independent, external monitoring service, InfoTrace delivers the high-level reporting and investigative details you need to examine suspicious activity throughout the organization.

  • Overcome IT resource and staffing constraints

    No bandwidth to install an employee monitoring software system? No problem. The InfoTrace Endpoint Monitoring Service will help you zero in on abnormal behavior without having to host, manage, maintain and monitor software in-house. We provide a light, easy-to-install agent and our cloud-based service does the rest.

  • 12.5%

    Percent of time average employee spends on non-work related tasks

  • 25%

    Corporate Internet traffic considered to be “unrelated to work”

  • 25%

    Data breaches caused by insiders

  • 31%

    Insider-related incidents taking 90+ days to contain

  • 70%

    Web traffic to porn sites occurring between 9am and 5pm