Soliton SecureShield

Lock down corporate data and misdirect malware!

Are you shielded from web-based threats?

A user’s device can be infected by malware simply by clicking on phishing emails or visiting a compromised website. Providing a secure computing environment while preserving the freedom to browse and access web apps is a business imperative – and more challenging than ever. SecureShield takes browser isolation and application wrapping to the next level to prevent data leakage and contain malware attacks.

  • Secure, compliant access from anywhere

    Provide controlled access and ensure compliance with industry regulations with a single encrypted and authenticated browser-based, SSL-VPN connection.

  • Defense against malware

    Fool malware with browser isolation technology. Malware executes on a virtual image of the device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android) that exists only in memory. All content and ‘changes’ to the ‘device’ are deleted by closing the browser.

  • Data loss prevention

    Lock down data with a secure, virtual workspace that prohibits cut, paste, copy, print and data transfer to the local environment and local apps.

  • Freedom to browse – and click

    Dramatically reduce risk while opening up more of the internet.

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