Soliton InfoTrace™

Endpoint Security and Policy Management Platform

Advanced Endpoint Monitoring 360° – InfoTrace is the Centralized Endpoint Data Management suite combined with three (3) capabilities in ONE single platform.

  1. PREVENT, DETECT UNKNOWN AND KNOWN MALWARE :InfoTrace’s behavior-based, signature-less advanced analytics protects organizations from even the most advanced malware attack
  2. MONITOR INSIDER THREATS TO STOP SABOTAGE, IP THEFT AND FRAUD: Collect detailed endpoint event logs, InfoTrace provides real time behavior alerts and its log evidence to investigation
  3. SET POLICIES AND COMPLIANCE USING BASELINE PROFILES: Establish baseline compliance policies that are maintained throughout the enterprise including temporary staff subcontractors, and vendors

InfoTrace endpoint security modules graphic

Easy Implementation:

One single endpoint agent to install. InfoTrace simplifies Cybersecurity protection, detection and response by using one management platform.

Simple Action:

Apply remediation from a central management platform. Block malware, stop running processes, or isolate an endpoint from network without physical operation nor remote desktop.

Effective Verification:

Monitor the compliance and enforcement violation. We provide “digital policy file” for compliance including SEC, FTC, NIST, GLBH, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO, ISMS and NY DFS.