Simple Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

NetAttest: Keep your network safe in today’s challenging world

Keeping the company network safe from unauthorized users requires sophisticated network access control. NetAttest provides flexible control over users and devices connecting to network resources, and enables you to more effectively manage risk while supporting productivity initiatives such as BYOD, telecommuting and workforce mobility.

Soliton makes two-factor authentication simple and affordable!

NetAttest is designed for fast and easy implementation, reduced IT administration, high availability and zero disruption – and is the optimal “certificate + username/password” authentication solution for organizations that need to verify users with tablets, smart devices and laptops working on-site and remotely.

Add trust to the logon process with two-factor authentication.

With Soliton’s two-factor authentication, you will benefit from a cost-effective solution that ensures only authorized users and devices can access network resources. NetAttest delivers:

  • Integrated private certificate authority
  • Multiple authentication methods, including RADIUS/MAC address and one-time password
  • Authentication control for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

Secure access to digital workplaces and Cloud applications.

Controlling access to the network for remote users using VPN, RDP, VDI and SSL/TSL to access systems has never been easier. NetAttest:

  • Secures access to digital workplace environments, Cloud applications and SaaS services
  • Simplifies regulatory compliance
  • Adds a layer of security in the form of two-factor authentication

Regain control of network access without sacrificing convenience.

NetAttest integrates with existing security provisions to issue security certificates to connected devices. It’s a simple matter to:

  • Add and manage smart devices to the network
  • Deploy a network access policy based on user, location and time
  • Introduce a one-time password when 3FA is required

Find out why over 17,000 enterprises worldwide trust Soliton for their multi-factor authentication and wireless access point needs.

Detect and Block Unauthorized or Infected Devices

Soliton enhances your IT governance with extensive device viewing, authentication
and management capabilities. With NetAttest, you have the power to:

  • Detect and block connections to unauthorized wireless, IoT and infected devices
  • View and manage device connections across the network for asset inventory
  • Distribute the authentication process to secure networks at remote locations and branch offices