Soliton Cyber & Analytics Unveils SecureShield Container Platform

Patent-pending solution integrates cloud apps management, secure connection and endpoint security into one simple, cost-effective, easy-to-use platform

BoxWorks, San Francisco, CA,October 11, 2017  Soliton Cyber & Analytics – Booth Number 16 – announced today that it has launched SecureShield Container Platform to dramatically simplify the management of web-based applications; provide convenient, secure, instant access to cloud apps; prevent data leakage; and defend against malware attacks. 

“Web-based apps give employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device, but increased productivity and collaboration come at a price, such as complex infrastructures, an increased need for IT administration, additional technology investments for authentication, and increased potential for lost data and security breaches,” said Ted Fujisawa, President of Soliton Cyber & Analytics.

Soliton SecureShield Container Platform is the industry’s first and only solution to integrate the required cloud apps management, secure connection, and endpoint security into one simple, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution. SecureShield Container makes it easy for organizations to accommodate the diverse and complex access requirements of a mobile workforce while reducing operating costs, meeting regulatory requirements and supporting initiatives to deploy new cloud services.

SecureShield Container components include:

Cloud Apps Management provides a single point of control for software maintenance and user access management:

  • Patch, deploy and upgrade apps with simple web application settings
  • Easily block and/or disable unauthorized devices
  • 20Allow workers to access all their apps with one username and password through Single Sign-On

Secure Connection delivers secure, lightening-speed browser-based access to the workspace:

  • Quickly authenticate users with multi-factor authentication and one-time password
  • Secure traffic with encryption
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPPA

Endpoint Security prevents data leakage and protects the endpoint device:

  • Prohibit other apps from accessing data; prohibit copy/cut/paste functions
  • Completely contain desktop-based attacks
  • Remove malware by closing the browser; upon reopening, data is reloaded, unaffected by malware

“SecureShield Container not only eliminates the need to set up an expensive VPN, it also delivers a line of defense capable of keeping out even the most determined attackers,” continues Fujisawa. “SecureShield Container delivers an encrypted and authenticated connection to corporate resources that ensures compliance with industry regulations and provides bullet-proof endpoint security that locks down data and completely contains desktop-based attacks. Should malware make its way into the isolated workspace, all it takes is closing the browser to eliminate the threat. Upon reopening the app, data is reloaded, completely unaffected by malware.”

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About Soliton Cyber & Analytics. Headquartered in Long Beach, CA, Soliton creates solutions that make complex problems simpler to solve. Soliton SecureShield Container Platform delivers managed access to corporate applications, giving users maximum mobility, flexibility, and security to work from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Soliton InfoTrace empowers organizations to visualize endpoint vulnerabilities, including external and internal threats, facilitates rapid detection and investigation into the scope of the compliance violations and provides remediation capability in one single platform. Soliton Cyber & Analytics was formed 2016 as a subsidiary of Soliton Systems, a renowned pioneer in IT security, imaging systems and mobile management since 1979.


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Soliton Cyber & Analytics

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