InfoTrace OnDemand Services

Maximize productivity,
minimize risk

When you assign a job and a computer to an employee, you expect results. It’s natural to be concerned that staffers are wasting time online and using computing resources non-productively. After all, cyber slacking causes productivity losses of billions of dollars worldwide! But it’s not just the wasted time. Misuse of computer resources greatly increases the risk for both security breaches and hostile workplace incidences.

Simplify the process of
protecting your business

We know that you want an easier way to monitor endpoint behavior – one that demands less time and effort. Soliton’s managed service eliminates the headaches that come with acquiring and maintaining systems – not to mention the bombardment of alerts.

Remove the guesswork
with proof

Protecting your business requires visibility into the activities taking place on each computer. By focusing on the computer, we can also track when employees may be misusing other employee’s credentials, potential security breaches and other problems. With InfoTrace OnDemand Services from Soliton, you can remove the guess work. See which applications are in use, which websites are visited and when.

Augment your team with

We do the heavy lifting and provide you with the monthly report. It’s the kind of support that helps keep your monitoring program working as it should and delivers evidence-based accountability that lets you prove what really happened – without making huge demands on your time. Should you suspect improper behavior, legal and technical experts can assist with both short- and long-term investigations.