Secure Everything

Managed Endpoint Security (MES)

Soliton partners with premier services providers to offer comprehensive protection in an evolving threat landscape that includes Ransomware, Phishing, Insider Threats, APT/Target Attacks, Zvsero-Day Attacks.

Endpoint Security Services

Managing endpoint security is not a trivial undertaking. Beyond the well known deficit in experts to effectively manage and react to incidents, it’s further complicated by the evolving threats and the proliferation of endpoint security products – such as Next Gen AV, Endpoint Detection & Response, Behavior Analytics, and Data-Centric Databases.Outsourcing these tasks to contracted MSSP or SOC providers with managed endpoint security expertise will save time and enable your company to focus on growth, rather than becoming security, legal, or compliance experts.Soliton has partnered with high quality service providers that are equipped to effectively optimize the Soliton InfoTrace solution. Our service providers will leverage the full breadth of capabilities to ensure that InfoTrace is expertly deployed and customized to your unique environment and industry standards. In addition, they can manage the day-to-day operation to identify and counter threats and remediate policy violations.

The 3 pillars of our managed services support consist of:

  • Security as a Service

    Endpoint monitoring, threat detection and response based upon the InfoTrace TM security framework.

  • Compliance as a Service

    Provision and maintenance of baseline policy establishment for key industry standards (PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SEC, ISMS).

  • Monitor Insider Threat & Report

    Provision and maintenance of baseline policy establishment for insider threat and asset monitoring.

We provide the solution essential to understanding endpoint data feeds for both EXTERNAL & INTERNAL Threats

InfoTrace Endpoint Behavior Analytics for external and internal threats

*Soliton can integrate with existing SIEM or EPP systems to supplement your endpoint data requirements (EPP: Next Gen AV is optional, but recommended). Contact us to learn more about Soliton Managed Services today.