Security Agent Overload: Why Less Endpoint Security is More

confusion over anti-malware choices

The art world calls it “negative space.” The fashion industry calls it “minimalism.” Whereas other spheres embrace the less-is-more mentality, the prevailing approach to cybersecurity is more-is-more. News of high profile data breaches and deceptive marketing tactics push small business owners to employ disparate endpoint security solutions—a costly and convoluted practice that may do more harm than good.

Instead of beefing up security, Soliton recommends that your business scale it down. Keep reading to learn how reducing your endpoint security tools can actually reduce your risk of falling victim to a data breach.

The More, the Riskier

It may seem that coating your network’s devices in multiple layers of security solutions would keep your data, well, secure. The truth is, each rung of “protection” is another potential point of failure.

These potential points of failure must be assessed, maintained, and repaired when necessary—a huge undertaking that may stretch your limited IT resources too thin, creating gaps that cyber criminals are more than happy to exploit.

Trust the cyber security experts at Soliton when we say that just because an endpoint security system is elaborate, it doesn’t mean that it’s effective. In fact, simplicity is key.



Meet InfoTrace: one cost-effective, comprehensive platform that performs three key actions to protect your endpoints from today’s data security threats.

1. InfoTrace Enforces Policy

At the core of any successful endpoint security strategy is a well-defined policy. InfoTrace provides you with the tools to develop one.

InfoTrace features an array of profile templates to help you determine permissions settings. You can grant data access based on device, department, or role. An established policy provides a standard for InfoTrace to measure monitored data access actions against.

2. InfoTrace Monitors Insider Threats

Threats don’t always sneak in through a window. They often walk through the front door. Indeed, many of today’s high profile data breaches are the result of an insider attack.

InfoTrace quarantines endpoints that are not operating in accordance with established policy requirements and alerts system administrators to any suspicious activity.

3. InfoTrace Protects from Malware

Threats that do come from outside of your organization come from all sides. InfoTrace’s dashboard empowers you to defend against all manner of malware from one centralized location.

Benefit from a bird’s eye view of all memories, processes, and drives associated with your network. InfoTrace helps you thwart malware attacks launched via web, email, or application.

Why allocate money and manpower to holding your mix-and-match security system together when we offer one solution that covers everything? Soliton’s InfoTrace streamlines policy creation, enforcement, and threat surveillance, proving that endpoint security doesn’t have to be complicated to be comprehensive.

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