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Assessing the True Cost of Ransomware


Ransomware. Oh, how we’d love to move on! Yet the gotchas of ransomware keep rolling in, imparting painful lessons about disaster readiness and how to evaluate the true costs of recovery. What are the key takeaways this week? First, the cost for each organization will be unique and depend upon the users hit by the

Compliance on a Budget – Some Network Monitoring is Better than None

Secure the Network

With businesses holding more data than ever before, the frequency of cyber breaches can only be expected to increase. Every business that handles personally identifiable data is subject to various privacy regulations and standards, such as US government privacy standards for health information (HIPPA), industry required standards for credit card transaction data (PCI-DSS), and voluntary

Are You on the Path of Least Resistance… and Vulnerable?

Cyber Crime Strikes

NSA’s intellectual property extracted from an employee’s home computer…   Hacking attempts on real-time payment transfers at three Mexican banks…   Delta Air Lines, Sears and Best Buy breached by malware-infected software from a channel partner… What do these three incidents have in common? The hackers attacked at points of vulnerability. NSA. Bank of Mexico. Best Buy.

The 12 Pillars of PCI Compliance

While you may be familiar with the term PCI DSS, you may not be as familiar with the twelve comprehensive requirements that make up the security standard. These requirements are meant to provide the necessary guidance for organizations to properly secure and monitor their network, while protecting cardholder data: Deploy and maintain a firewall Change