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Your Vulnerability is the Target

Vulnerability exposed

Thanks to everyone who came by RSA to say hello! We enjoyed our time in San Francisco and talking with everyone. Ransomware and the Internet of Things dominated the conversations, but will these topics still be hot in two years? Probably not. As technology, training and awareness address current vulnerabilities, a new weak link in

Ransomware Dollars and Sense Part III: When Downtime Converts to Uptime

Ransomware Attack

Last week we covered the disturbing statistics that for small businesses (SMBs) hit by ransomware, 22% immediately cease operations and 60% close within 6 months. Still, even in the face of such complete financial disaster, the FBI recommends that companies do not pay ransoms because it only encourages more attacks. Despite this advice, SMBs still

Ransomware Dollars and Sense Part 2: No Business Too Small

Ransomware Attack

In our last post we took a look at ransomware in the enterprise and asked the question: Is it always wrong to pay up when hit by ransomware? Today we shine the light on small business. With ransomware damages costing victims an estimated $1 billion in 2016, close to $5 billion in 2017 and a

Soliton Cyber & Analytics Unveils NetAttest LAP One for Easy, Simple and Affordable Network Access Control

Solution Allows IT Service Providers to Expand Managed Security Offering for Existing Clients; Open Up New, Underserved Markets; and Increase Revenue. ChannelPro SMB Forum, Dallas, TX,  March 7, 2018—Soliton Cyber & Analytics announced the availability of NetAttest LAP One to provide Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with the tools needed to offer flexible and affordable Network