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Ransomware Dollars and Sense Part 2: No Business Too Small

Ransomware Attack

In our last post we took a look at ransomware in the enterprise and asked the question: Is it always wrong to pay up when hit by ransomware? Today we shine the light on small business. With ransomware damages costing victims an estimated $1 billion in 2016, close to $5 billion in 2017 and a

ChannelPro SMB Forum in Dallas last week Questions and Answers

Thank you for everyone who came to visit us at the ChannelPro SMB Forum in Dallas last week. We had a wonderful experience and enjoyed the interest in our new NetAttest LAP One product. We fielded many questions, so we thought we would share the top questions (and answers) here: 1. Does the network access

Fuel Your Business at ChannelPro SMB Forum 2018

The ChannelPro SMB Forum 2018 in Dallas, Texas is taking place March 7, 2018 and YOU’RE INVITED TO JOIN US! Learn from experts at the show and then come talk to us about the crazy devices you’ve seen installed on client’s networks. The Forum is a full-day live event that features presentations from some of

Soliton Ships Containerized Secure Mobile Access Solution

Soliton Cyber & Analytics has introduced a secure mobile access solution that uses browser-based container technology to help roaming workers access cloud-based and on-premises solutions safely.

Soliton Cyber & Analytics Unveils SecureShield Container Platform

Patent-pending solution integrates cloud apps management, secure connection and endpoint security into one simple, cost-effective, easy-to-use platform BoxWorks, San Francisco, CA,October 11, 2017 — Soliton Cyber & Analytics – Booth Number 16 – announced today that it has launched SecureShield Container Platform to dramatically simplify the management of web-based applications; provide convenient, secure, instant access to cloud