Compliance on a Budget – Some Network Monitoring is Better than None

Secure the Network

With businesses holding more data than ever before, the frequency of cyber breaches can only be expected to increase. Every business that handles personally identifiable data is subject to various privacy regulations and standards, such as US government privacy standards for health information (HIPPA), industry required standards for credit card transaction data (PCI-DSS), and voluntary

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WrappingBox: “Best of Show” Grand Prix Award Interop Tokyo 2018

2018 Interop Tokyo Grand Prize: Best of Show Award

FOR RELEASE JUNE 20, 2018 Soliton Cyber & Analytics Announces WrappingBox Wins First Place “Best of Show” Grand Prix Award at Interop Tokyo 2018 WrappingBox Technology Honored in Security Products Category for Innovation in Controlling Access to and Protecting Confidential Company Information Long Beach, CA,  June 20, 2018—Soliton Cyber & Analytics (Soliton) announces that WrappingBox,

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AI and ML in Cybersecurity Part 2: QA Basics and Seatbelts


Last week, we illustrated a handful of flaws for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that became revealed once they were applied to real-world situations.  Soliton’s AI expert, Dr. Tedd Hadley offered an analogy that these biases were the equivalent of software bugs and described how basic Quality Assurance (QA) could be applied. 

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AI and ML in Cybersecurity Part 1: Don’t Believe the Hype! …Yet

Dumb AI

If you listen at all to industry news, you can’t escape the onslaught of marketing hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).  Self-driving cars!  Intelligent IT security!  Is SkyNet ready to take over the world?  Not quite.  Despite the optimism and promise, AI and ML largely remain in an immature stage where they

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Are You on the Path of Least Resistance… and Vulnerable?

Cyber Crime Strikes

NSA’s intellectual property extracted from an employee’s home computer…   Hacking attempts on real-time payment transfers at three Mexican banks…   Delta Air Lines, Sears and Best Buy breached by malware-infected software from a channel partner… What do these three incidents have in common? The hackers attacked at points of vulnerability. NSA. Bank of Mexico. Best Buy.

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Your Vulnerability is the Target

Vulnerability exposed

Thanks to everyone who came by RSA to say hello! We enjoyed our time in San Francisco and talking with everyone. Ransomware and the Internet of Things dominated the conversations, but will these topics still be hot in two years? Probably not. As technology, training and awareness address current vulnerabilities, a new weak link in

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