Custom Tailor Hackers

Hacking Gang likes your Old Password

IT departments must be doing a better job, because hackers are starting to work harder. Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat provide a thoughtful summary of the SamSam and FIN7 attacks and specific techniques to defend against them in Defensive Security Podcast Episode 224.  SamSam uses a tailored attack before they launch their Ransomware and FIN7

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Password Problems 2: Cracking Internal Passwords

Passwords everywhere... Working? Breaking?

Passwords. Nearly our oldest technology for security and yet oh, so vulnerable! In our last blog, we covered a variety of breaches and how the leaked data continues to haunt victims for years after the breach. Yet hackers use more than just breaches to attack an organization. Weak passwords remain a key vector of entry

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Password Problems 1: Ghosts of Breaches Past

Old data breaches fade from our memory like ghosts, but continue to haunt us on the internet.  The passwords, security questions, and personal information that were leaked in breaches become a data mine for all manner of fraudsters and hackers for many, many years.  Recent events continue to demonstrate the lingering impact of breaches and

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Application Wrapping, Virtualization and Black Hat

Soliton's Virtual Container

Black Hat 2018 is almost here!  Soliton Cyber & Analytics is exhibiting this year in booth #2500 where we will be showcasing our SecureShield product and providing demos on request. Come and see SecureShield’s application wrapping features (aka: Wrapping Box) that won the Interop Tokyo 2018 First Place “Best of Show” Grand Prix Award.  Not

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Browser Isolation Trade-offs: Server-side versus Client-side

Choices, Choices...

As remote, mobile workforces slowly erode the sanctity of network perimeters, web browsers continue to increase in importance to facilitate day-to-day business operations and employee productivity. For IT Administrators trying to protect company information, the lack of control outside of their network is only compounded by the rise of contractors and other users who use

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Assessing the True Cost of Ransomware


Ransomware. Oh, how we’d love to move on! Yet the gotchas of ransomware keep rolling in, imparting painful lessons about disaster readiness and how to evaluate the true costs of recovery. What are the key takeaways this week? First, the cost for each organization will be unique and depend upon the users hit by the

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