The Solution Story

Soliton specializes in the art of analytics – applying new techniques to data to discover advanced attackers, insider threats and data leakage.

The Soliton

A subsidiary of Soliton Systems, a renowned pioneer in IT security, imaging systems and mobile management since 1979, we have the unique advantage of leveraging our parent company’s experience and financial backing with our expertise and passion in compliance and security to develop bleeding edge solutions.

What’s Important
to Us

Our values are simple. We want our customers to be successful. We create solutions that focus on making complex problems simpler, not harder, to solve. We are laser focused on providing easy to use, actionable solutions that are also budget friendly. For us, the customer is always top of mind.

The Data Security

Through decades of data security experience Soliton has collected over 2 million endpoints from which to mine – and provides connected IT security, and data intelligence that spans several industries. By applying intelligent proprietary analytics to this data set, we strive to make the world a better place using our technology.

The Soliton

  • Soliton Cyber & Analytics is a spinoff of Soliton Systems, Japan
  • Company founded in 2016
  • Founder & CEO of Soliton Systems: Nobuo Kamata
  • Headquarters in Long Beach, California
  • Offices in Tokyo, Shanghai (China), Singapore (Singapore), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and San Jose (USA)
  • 500+ employees