Working Securely, Anywhere

The Soliton advantage

In 1979 our CEO, Nobuo Kamata, PhD., founded the basis of Soliton Systems. His ambition was to reduce the complexity in innovative technologies. In 1995 Soliton Systems entered the network security market and developed its first LAN encrypted products. Soliton Cyber & Analytics was established by Soliton Systems in Japan to develop, sell and support customers in North America. As a subsidiary of a public company, we have the unique advantage of leveraging our parent company’s experience and financial backing with our expertise in compliance and security. Through a strong investment in innovation, Soliton continues to set new standards in performance, quality and reliability for our customers.

The data protection experts

We support companies with their security management challenges, including network security and remote access to the internal and cloud applications. Our pragmatic solutions reduce the complexity of IT security management and accommodate the diverse access requirements of a mobile workforce while protecting company resources from unauthorized access and data leakage.

3 reasons to choose Soliton

Easy to use and manage IT security that is integral to a company’s protection
Effective security solutions for mobile devices, company network protection and remote users that balance complexity, security and usability
As a 40-year old company, Soliton Systems has a successful, long-term heritage in IT security and data protection.

The Soliton snapshot

Soliton Systems, as a 40-year listed company, has a successful, long-term heritage in IT security and data protection.

  • 1979 – Soliton Systems established
  • 1982 – Requested to develop middleware between PC OS and the Intel App
  • 1984 – Introduced first LAN solutions
  • 1996 – Soliton IT Security Solutions division established
  • 2002 – Introduction of NetAttest wireless LAN authentication 
  • 2004 – Introduction of the first edition of InfoTrace log collecting and tracking system
  • 2007 – Listed on the JASDAQ Stock Exchange
  • 2013 – Introduction of Soliton SecureBrowser (SSB) and 
NetAttest Big Data