2 Cost-Effective Defenses Against Insider Security Threats

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Sometimes, it’s pure accident—a coworker innocently downloads an attachment that contains malware. Other times, it’s intentional—a terminated employee extracts sensitive company data as an act of revenge. Either way, insider security breaches can cost you and your organization dearly. In fact, insider incidents cost companies $4.3 million per year on average.

Human error, negligence, and malicious data extraction, oh my! The more you learn about insider threats to your network security, the more you want to purchase the latest endpoint security solution.

But don’t break the bank just yet. Purchasing endpoint security solutions to avoid the cost of insider incidents is counterproductive. If the Wizard of Oz has taught us anything, it’s that we have more power over our situation than we realize. Indeed, the appropriate endpoint security may have been in your network all along. Soliton shares two ways to leverage it.

1. Let Soliton Handle It

Small business owners wear many hats and as much as you’d like to protect your endpoints from internal dangers, tasks like managing payroll, taking product inventory, and the like probably take precedent. Why not outsource cyber security to Soliton’s specialists?

In a sea of start-ups, Soliton has nearly 40 years of experience helping clients leverage technology to optimize operations. Your endpoint security may not be your top priority, but it’s our only one. We will identify potential threats and work with your existing infrastructure to impede them—saving your data while saving you money.

2. Bolster Existing Security with InfoTrace

Perhaps your existing endpoint security system needs a bit of a boost to defend data from today’s many threats. That’s okay; we have a supplement to bolster your endpoint security without breaking the bank.

Our comprehensive InfoTrace endpoint security compliance and management platform integrates with most leading endpoint security systems and catches all threats that may slip past before any damage can occur.

Security threats lurk within your company but so does protection. Through expert data protection strategies and solutions, Soliton can help you find both. Contact us to see what Soliton can do for you.